• 3-day Seminar
  • Teachings
  • Kick-starting
  • Baptism in Water & Spirit
  • Healing & Deliverance
September 7-9, 2018
Spokane, Washington - USA
LOCATION: The Centennial
303 West North River Drive
Spokane, WA 99201
Reino & Ilze Esterhuyse
Guest Speakers:
It's a 3-day hands-on teaching on discipleship. The teachings will be very practical and will include going onto the streets, healing the sick, and preaching the gospel. Our general plan is as follows:

09:30 am: Doors Open
10:00 am: Teaching
13:00 pm: Lunch/Outreach
19:00 pm: Teaching, testimonies and open meeting for all

09:30 am: Doors Open
10:00 am: Teaching
12:30 pm: Lunch
14:00 pm: Baptism and outreach
19:00 pm: Teaching, testimonies and open meeting for all

09:30 am: Doors Open
10:00 am: Teaching/Sermon
12:30 pm: All activities expected to be finished
Stay At the Same Hotel
This seminar will be held at The Centennial:

Formerly the Hotel RL

Stay at this Hotel to easily go to and from your room to the seminar.
This Kick-start Seminar will host Special Guest Reino and Ilze Esterhuyse from The Last Reformation. They have been traveling the world, teaching and training disciples in the Full-Gospel. They are part of Torben Søndergaard's team, and The Life - The Last Reformation Movie.

The Last Reformation comes to the Pacific Northwest region to kick-start and make disciple. This 3-day seminar is hosted by Radical Faith, Operation: Front Line, and TLR group of Washington and Idaho.

Torben Søndergaard is not expected to be at this seminar.

This seminar is set for Spokane Washington, USA:

The Centennial
303 West North River Drive
Spokane, WA 99201

Child care will not be provided.
Place your Love Offerings to Reino and Ilze's in the white Donation Box.

The local groups responsible for organizing the event is called Radical Faith & Operation: Front Line, from Tri-Cities Washington. You can connect with us on Facebook.

The event you're attending is completely free and paid for by us. We want to equip the body of Christ. We hoped that you're leaving this event with something new. If you loved your time hear, and would like to sow into our future events, it can be done online at the link below.

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Are You Able to Help?
We're expecting over 200 guest. We need over 40 group leaders who are willing and capable of taking small groups onto the street to be kick-started. If you can help, please indicate on the sign-up form below.
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Donations Accepted
This seminar is paid for by the TLR group of Washington and Idaho. After registration, you'll have a chance to help pay for the expenses of the venue, and flight and room of our guest speakers.
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